Criminal Defense

David Uthman’s success with criminal cases attests to his mastery of both the law and the system. Unlike many attorneys, he is an experienced litigator, having tried and won numerous court and jury cases. And unlike most attorneys, he began his... Read more.

DMV Representation

If you have an upcoming DMV hearing, consulting with a knowledgeable attorney may prove helpful. Mr. Uthman has comprehensive experience representing clients at the DMV for reasons such as... Read more.

DUI and Traffic Defense

D.U.I. cases are complex. Most cases are filed as misdemeanors, which is the less serious class of crimes. But the sanctions and costs associated with a conviction can be extreme. Since a state license is involved (your driver’s license) the D.M.... Read more.

San Francisco Traffic Law Clinic

We are the longest running and boast a success rate of over 90% of our client's cases resulting without adding negative points to their driving record. Between Mr. Uthman's 10 years of law enforcement & 20 years of successfully defe.... Read more.

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Meet David Uthman

There's a reason why David Uthman is well known in San Francisco. His expert experience in his days of working in law enforcement have proven invaluable to his success. He knows how the system is constructed and knows how to leverage the important details of your unique case.


This law firm was founded on the expertise, precision and unmatched experience of David Uthman that is hailed in the courtroom and respected by his peers. He uses a combination of thorough investigation, expert witnesses, and draws upon his significant background in law enforcement to get the best results for his clients. His experience in and out of the courtroom is fundamental to winning your case.


Under his leadership, his law firm represents companies and individuals that desperately need someone while all the cards are stacked against them. Whether fighting criminal accusations or a traffic ticket, the most important decision you may make in your life may be choosing David Uthman, an attorney whose knowledge and experience goes beyond the law.

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